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Wellbeing4U recognises the increasing importance of health and wellbeing in the workplace and the impact and pressures that modern life has, both inside and outside of work. Employee wellbeing at work is important for many reasons including creating a positive, healthy environment in which to work is key to productivity, as well as employee retention and happiness.

Currently there is an increased focus on employers’ duty of care to offer a more proactive wellbeing support, this needs to be embedded within an organisation’s corporate strategy and people management activities in order to promote employee wellbeing and improve engagement, retention and performance.

Wellbeing4U helps employers to demonstrate a proactive commitment to employee wellbeing and is ideally situated to increase wellbeing and maximise productivity. We work with organisations to support employee wellbeing through a collaborative approach utilising unique engagement strategies to empower colleagues from the grass roots up.

We financially support numerous campaigns, schools and teams including the UK Stigma Free Zones and Leyland Warriors Rugby Football Club.

Company Info

We are having a baby girl!-2.png

Wellbeing4U Limited is a Registered Company in England and Wales

Company number: 11772849


You can also contact the team by telephone on:

UK: 0161 818 7225
US: (347) 973 9596

Please note, we are available to answer your calls from 8am - 8pm GMT+1